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Happy and Merry!

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I hope you all enjoyed a joyful, peaceable holiday!

Important Announcement

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I am pleased to announce that the first limited edition print of J. Scott Hardman published by Aeturnus Fine Art Editions is now available for purchase!

The Other Side

For only $40.00 you can receive this 7 1/2” x 11” limited edition giclée print, printed on archival paper.

Suitable for framing, this is the perfect gift for nearly any loved one you have been unsure of what to buy for this season (perhaps even the perfect gift for yourself), a gift of art that will delight for years to come!

This drawing is the cover art for the upcoming release, Tell it to the Bees - a special edition storybook featuring the music of Paul Melançon. You can feel good about your purchase, knowing that the proceeds from the sale of this work will help insure the publication of this book, as well as the printing of future books and other prints.

Please click the link below to purchase your print today and receive it in time for the holidays!!


to Robi

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It's Robi's birthday! Raise a glass of whatever seems most appropriate in a toast. Robi, I know you are shaking up the afterlife! I miss you badly and wish you the best!


As Surely As Coffee is the Elixir of Life

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Then so is life the perfect companion to coffee.

I passed by Lorenzo today on my drive to the office. Lorenzo was a fellow denizen of the Onyx Cafe, and I had just called him to let him know about our old boss, John Leech's
untimely passage into the Great Beyond. I told him that I had talked to John periodically at Kaldi, and there Lorenzo was, driving by Kaldi thinking about going inside. I surprised him and he re-parked his car. We shared a cup and some laughs.

It will be weird to not run into John here again. He will be missed. The man practically invented the Coffeehouse, at least in LA.


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Actual weather in Los Angeles is a rare and magical event, and right now out the window is visible the most splish-splashy grey phantasmagoria that an Angeleno could hope for shy of another El Nino.

It pours off of rooftops and rainslicks the oil from the roadways. Tee-shirted hipsters are forced to wear coats or stay indoors. The babies! It's called weather, and I say we may as well enjoy it while we got it.

As much as I may be tempted to explain where all I have been, and what all I've been up to in my absence from these darkened digital corridors, perhaps its safer not to. I have been on an unpleasant journey of self-discovery, plumbing the depths of my darker psychic realms the likes of which even Steve Ditko's Doctor Strange would cringe at the mere imagining of. I'm coming back...


Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Ramadan and a cheerful whatever all else you good people may celebrate!

Joy!! Love!!

To 2009...and beyond!!

Your pal,




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This is by way of taproots (andarianadii and from from memes go I suppose)

"take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture."

Yeesh. One hour of sleep last night...can you tell?

do it.


I heard it on the radio.

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So I'm in the unemployment office in Glendale awaiting my interview, when this gentleman I shall call Patrick strikes up a conversation with me. He's been out of work for just a month. He used to work in radio and is now unemployed. He used to live in Nashville. He tells me that he thinks what ruined country music is the perception by marketers and ad execs that only women buy country music, or that only women buy the products advertised on country music stations, meant that the records execs of Nashville created a market of soft-pop middle of the road "country". I tell him my theory is that country music became married to the whole idea of "God and Country", which meant that all the good songs about hard drinking, divorce, infidelity, and jail time went right out the window unless they could make it known that they were kidding or unless it had some moral at the end of the story. All contemporary country sounds like a truck commercial.

I told him that I went to school with Roger Miller's son (who now live and works in Nashville), and we both burst into the first verse of "King of the Road" together. I told him I thought there was still some good country out there and that none of it came out of Nashville.

He complained to me about how (he was an older chap) when he was a kid there was top 40 music which would offer a wide spectrum of rock, pop, motown, country etc. with no distinction among them...that because of the fracturing of the market into specific genres, with targeted advertising for specific groups that radio has died.

I suggest to Patrick that this is true, but then pointed out that for the adventurous there is always college radio with no play lists and no commercials. I then added that now with the proliferation of music on the internet and cable radio that there is really no end to the diversity in's just not found on the radio. It may be harder for the artist to make a living but for the avid consumer of music times have never been more interesting or exciting.

He worked for Clearchannel, he tells me. He was in their talk radio division.

He next tells me that he helped launch the career of Rush Limbaugh.

He remembered, the guys saying there's this new guy that'll have his talk radio show and you may think he's crazy, but just give him a chance. Hear what he has to say, he's kind of interesting. "Oh, really". I say. He told me that the first month, maybe the first two months there were suddenly hundreds of angry phone calls of people saying, "Who is this jerk? Get this nut off the air", and then it got quiet. Then all the positive phone calls started coming in, and all these people going "he's got a point, there". Patrick said, "I watched him blow up all of a sudden, overnight this guy became huge."

He seemed so proud. All I could think to say was, "I wish that had never happened."

"Just think", he said, "Rush opened the door, paved the way for guys like Sean Hannity. It became a totally different ballgame than your grandpa's talk radio of reading the weather and big band music."

"I really wish that had never happened," was again all that I could think to say. I wish I could have been clever or quick or even a little sarcastic but I couldn't. How many times I wished I could just erase the last eight years, and here this guy, like me, was in the unemployment office filling out his paperwork... waiting his turn. I got called away then for my appointment then but it left me weirded out.

Tonight I listened to Barack Obama's speech on the radio. It was moving and inspiring, and a wonderfully odd counterpoint to the strange encounter with the ex-Clearchannel guy, who sold his soul to the machine and is now himself out of work. Obama talked about the unemployed and I thought of how the guy who helped launch Rush Limbaugh is out of a job, and I really felt bad for him. I listened to Obama and was really moved that perhaps the tide has turned. I can see the old ways fading away. I heard for the first time in my life, the Democratic party actually unite around something... anything, and it was kind of amazing. History is happening, regardless of the outcome. It's never happened like this before. It is happening right now. I heard it.

Iron Man...and Stan!

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This is from when Marvel unveiled the original Iron Man armor for the movie at last summers Comic Con.

...and as if this wasn't good enough....Stan Lee was there too!

It's hard to describe. I was excited enough to get to take pictures of the armor (they kept it sealed in a crate labeled Stark Industries the rest of the time.) but I completely freaked out when I suddenly Stan was standing two feet in front of me...I was eleven years old all over again.

Yeah, that's me, the Ditko-defending Stan-basher yelling "We love you Stan!", and you know what? I do!

Another Oldy from the 1990 Vault

23 Year Old

I just can't stop. This one is such a weird odd kind of prophecy given what became of my financial status and the mayhem that ensued about two years ago. (THAT's no fun! ) (It's better now.)

I thought this was going to be a song for one of the rock bands I used to work with, but nothing ever became of it...until now! This was kind of how I tried to write in those days, with a lot of internal rhymes. It rarely works 'cause you have to really start forcing the issue to make it hang together or else just it starts getting kind of barouque.